Nostalgic Beach Wedding

I have photographed weddings for the past ten years, and have never witnessed such a beautiful blend of modern contemporary trends and traditional vintage themes. Daniel and Madison are truly old souls, you could feel that the moment you met each of them. It seemed as if every single tradition that was implemented made perfect sense and was done so with such love and intention, from Madison’s 1980s wedding gown, handed down from her mother to her Grandmothers pearls she wore around her neck, nothing was worn or implemented without careful thought and attention.

Madison grew up in Kincardine and it had been her dream since she was a child to get married at the beach pavilion. That sense of nostalgia was so present throughout the entire day.

These types of weddings really move me, not because of the visual (although – WOW these two are gorgeous) but because of the love and the meaning behind everything that was done. Madison and Daniel didn’t just plan a wedding, this was something so much greater than that, and I know that everyone present could feel it.


Photographed by intimate Toronto Wedding photographer, Jennifer Moher