An intimate Georgian Bay cottage wedding

This place has always had a spot in my heart, ever since photographing an intimate Georgian bay cottage wedding back in 2014. It seems that the most special little places exist there. I walked into Gabrielle and Jon’s day, knowing only that they were getting married at the family cottage by a family friend, I needed to be picked up by boat and brought out to the island and they had only invited their closest friends and family. The rest of this post is going to sound incredibly cheesy – but guys, it was like magic. As we pulled into the cottage, it was like being in a different world, a different time, it was beautiful and I was in awe – for the entire day and night.

The day was gentle, and Gabi and Jon played a croquet tournament with  their friends (dressed up in the most hilarious croquet attire of course), they ate the most gorgeous lunch which Jons Mother had been preparing when I arrived, and around 4 they got dressed (minus their shoes) and got married. From that point on the energy changed it the rest of the evening was full of laughter, tears, dancing and a good amount of alcohol.

During my boat ride back to land, I felt so blessed to have the job that I have.  To be able to document people like Gabi and Jon is such a luxury to me, these two truly put their hearts into the day, which was event based on nothing to do with how it looked, and everything to do with how it felt.